Sports Sponsorship


Why Sports Sponsorship?

Sports sponsorship provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a large and passionate audience. Sponsorship offers unique activation opportunities, such as hospitality and product placement, that enhances customer engagement in ways very few marketing opprtunities can offer. The goal of sports sponsorship is to associate the brand with the excitement and positive attributes of the sport, whilst reaching a wide and engaged audience.

The benefits of sports sponsorship.

By aligning with a popular team or athlete, businesses can increase brand recognition, build brand loyalty, and drive sales. At WH we work closely with our clients to discover their business and marketing objectives in detail, with the aim of building a sports sponsorship strategy that achieves their goals and makes the most of these benefits.

Large media exposure on TV and online in a cost-effective way
Access to large customer databases for direct customer acquisition via social media & email
Gaining access to IP and positive brand equity
Build brand trust & loyalty with customers
The right to leverage this IP further via advertising, promotions & PR
Gaining access to a passionate fan base in a moment of high emotion
Differentiate from sector competitors


More likely to purchase in the future


Sponsorship increased their awareness of the brand networks


Of fans say sponsorship is effective in catching their attention


Enhances the opinion of the sponsor

The main facets of sponsorship.

Brands are granted sponsorship rights to utilise with teams and athletes, examples of which are listed below:

  • Pitchside Advertising (LED)
  • shirt/car/teamwear branding
  • hospitality
  • athlete appearances
  • match tickets
  • Association with team/club
  • Social Media Joint Promotions
  • Digital Assets
  • Mailouts

Choosing the right sport, team and/or athlete

Choosing the right sport and team for sponsorship is crucial in ensuring that the company receives maximum value from its investment. We study our client from a B2B & B2C perspective, then utilise a data-heavy analysis approach that helps to guide them towards the right partnership within sport. A partnership that fits their requirements and will yield the best results, but also fits their preferences on a personal level - sport is a field that fuels passion and a company should be passionate about their partnership. Together we need to ascertain...

Who & where are your target audience?
What do you hope to receive from the partnership?
What's your budget?
What are you passionate about?
What assets do you wish to receive?
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“Our belief is that sport represents the most potent marketing tool on the planet.”

Joe Williams - Co-Founder & Director of WH Sports

Let us guide you through sponsorship.

Sport is a global phenomenon that has a broad appeal to a diverse audience. It captures the attention of millions of people and creates a sense of community, passion, and excitement. With the right approach, sports marketing can provide a significant return on investment and offer unparalleled opportunities for companies to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We’re perfectly positioned to guide you through this and get the very best for your brand.

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